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Learner Permit Knowledge Test Melbourne

Learner Permit Knowledge Test Melbourne

To get your learner permit for a car or motorcycle you must pass the learner permit knowledge test. The learner permit knowledge test checks that you understand the road rules and your responsibilities as a driver. If you are applying for a motorcycle learner permit, you will also need to pass a motorcycle learner permit knowledge test. Eligibility You must be at least 16 years of age before you can sit the car learner permit knowledge test.

About the learner permit test:

Languages available The car learner permit knowledge test can be conducted in any of the following 14 languages (screen text and audio assistance):

Test results are valid for 12 months. If a permit/licence has not been issued within this time, a new test is required. Practice learner permit test To help you familiarize yourself with the learner permit knowledge test, try the practice learner permit test (consists of 32 questions). For more information click here…….
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